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D. 202 adds, plans more summer social-emotional support programs

District 202 has added several new social emotional support initiatives this summer and plans to continue focusing resources on social emotional learning to help prepare students for success this fall.

“This work is critically important for our students and families as we get ready to return to school full-time in August after a very challenging school year,” said Jason Stanley, district director of private placement and transition.

Hartgrove Behavioral Health System recently added two new summer therapy groups to its offerings for 2nd through 8th grade students. Programs include “Expression Through Art,” and “Chill Out This Summer.”

District 202 partners with Hartgrove to support student, family, and staff social-emotional services.

In late May, the district announced plans to provide general counseling services to families over the summer through Hartgrove.

Services include in-person and virtual individual and family therapy; group therapy; and telepsychiatry services. Hargrove is an insurance-based facility but also takes students who receive public aid.

Likewise, in early June, about 150 District 202 teachers, administrators, and social workers district-wide completed Mental Health First Aid Certification training.

The six-hour training helps staff identify, understand, and respond to signs of mental illness and substance abuse disorders in adolescents.

Also, the Plainfield Parent Community Network will host a special “Getting Kids Back to School After a Pandemic” program from 6:30-8 p.m. August 12, 2021, at Plainfield North High School, 12005 S. 248th Street, Plainfield.

The program will help parents talk to their students about returning to school, address anxieties and fears about Covid, get back to normal school routines and develop stamina needed to attend school all day.

District officials are also working on plans to add the Crisis Text Line to the backs of middle and high school student ID badges.

District 202 students and families can reach out to the Student Services team any time to find counseling-related services at

All Summer/Social Emotional Support programs are posted on the front page of the District 202 website.

District 202 has long recognized the need to support social-emotional learning to help improve and assure students’ academic success.

In recent years, the district has created and implemented ten new programs, services, resources, and professional development to help students address emotional challenges and succeed in and out of the classroom.

Among other initiatives, District 202 hired 20 new social workers district-wide; created anonymous social-emotional learning hotlines; and hosted community programs about suicide prevention and mental health first aid.



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