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Staff Directory

Michelle Imbordino Principal Main Office
Erin Allison Asst. Principal Main Office
Phyllis Lanphear Sec. To the Principal Main Office
Sandi Breidenbach Sec. To the Asst. Principal Main Office
Sheila Jarosz Office Clerk Main Office
Andy Derwin Special Ed Administrator Main Office
Charity Gjersoe Nurse Health Office
Christie Hilliard Media Specialist Media Center
Kim Ruetsche Media Clerk Media Center
Brianne Zaborowski Kindergarten Full Day 108
Danielle Minnerick Kindergarten Full Day 107
Lisa Badie Kindergarten Full Day 109
Lorissa Kerrigan Kindergarten Full Day 110
Kelli Howarth First Grade 116
Kirstin Phillips First Grade 118
April Benish First Grade 115
Kelly Meyers First Grade 119
Kathy Togliatti Second Grade 113
Kimberly Hurley Second Grade 111
Thomas Southwood Second Grade 122
Evy Geiger Second Grade 112
Carolyn Guerrieri Third Grade 125
Jeanette Denton Third Grade 123
Tracy Kieres Third Grade 126
Rachel Wagner Third Grade 121
Carla Brinker Fourth Grade 215
Kimberly Collier-Jefferson Fourth Grade 214
Mark Borowicz Fourth Grade 217
Anne Gall Fourth Grade 209
Aimee Benz Fifth Grade 205
Rimas Gecevis Fifth Grade 203
Lori Petree Fifth Grade 210
Brian LePard Fifth Grade 202
Jayme Mazurski LBS1 216
Karra Beasley LBS1 204
Nicole Foresman LBS1 117
Rebecca Hebding LBS1 124
Angela Bolokowicz Speech and Language Path. 133
Julie Zelenski Speech and Language Path. 131/132
Sarah Drumm Early Childhood 120
Baylee Dibble Early Childhood 127
John Steele PE PE Office
Bonnie Legvold PE PE Office
Elizabeth Beinhauer PE PE Office
Mike Schuelke Art 102
Diane Spielman Music 101
Sarah Dygdon Reading Specialist 131/132
Julie Mayfield Reading Specialist 104
Stacey Vander Heide Reading Specialist 213
Malgorzata Oman ELL 206
Heather Durham ELL 114
Amelia Simpson Vision Itinerant 218
Alyson Angeloni Social Worker 138
Blair Thompson Social Worker 207
Casey O'Donnell Psychologist 138
Erin Hallihan Occupational Therapist 135
Jan Kost Physical Therapist 135
Special Ed. Paras    
Filer, Jackie    
Suchinski, Allison    
Davis-Castillo, Andrea    
General Education Para    
Nash, Jean    
Lunch Supervisor    
Castro, Tammy TBD  
Noble, Laura TBD  
Zelinski, Mary TBD  
Leffler, Brad Head Custodian  
Loucado, Zach Night Custodian  
Taylor, Graham Night Custodian  
Kerrigan, Rhea Night Custodian  


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